Where I Was, Where I Am.

When I began my health journey, after spending a year and a half digesting so much knowledge from so many sources my major goal from the start was to *feel good*. After trying a handful of diets, methods, philosophies, this lifestyle has given me my life back. I feel more alive at 30 than I have since being a kid. Fiber, hydration, detoxification, and nutrients from living foods have changed my life and have given my body what it needed to heal from SO many symptoms and ailments! 5 years since starting my health journey I stay around 125-130 lbs at 5’6″ currently as a nursing momma. Although the numbers mean little to me compared to how I feel! I cannot imagine being a mom and feeling like I used to feel at 230 lbs riddled with so many terrible and uncomfortable symptoms. Many of my “conditions” were called “incurable”, “chronic”, and “autoimmune”. I always believed the thought that that body attacks itself to be an odd one. The body does not want to attack itself, it is always working towards cleansing and growing new cells. Our bodies are always working FOR us. And we must believe that. I do not take my health and well being or my ENERGY for granted! I am thankful every day for my well-being, energy, and for where I am going!




…my ovaries do not ache from pain of cysts
…my hands are not cracked and bleeding from eczema
…I do not have little water blisters on my hands from eczema
…I do not have eczema randomly spreading to my face in times of higher stress
…I do not suffer from planter fasciitus anymore

…My hair and nails grow strong and healthy.
…I rarely have an acne break out.
…My stomach skin shrinks more everyday.
…I have little to no body odor, ever.
…My lymphatic, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems work efficiently to cleanse      my body of unwanted toxins and waste.
…My nervous system works with my brain to remain calm, relax muscles, and
contract muscles, it also works wonderfully to deliver so many messages of pleasure
and pain.
… My circulatory system works tirelessly delivering nutrients and oxygen all over my
… My bones and muscles are constantly improving themselves.
… I did not have a panic attack today.
… I do not suffer from acid reflux any longer.
… I do not suffer from chronic hives anymore! (Urticaria = chronic itchiness = dependency on Zyrtec = histamine dependency = hell)
… I feel young.

I like to focus on the good, on what is working, but I wanted to point out a few things above that you may relate to, that is why I mentioned symptoms/ailments I was suffering from.

I am getting what I need from my diet rich in trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids and lipids. I am filled from my nature connection, my positive thoughts, meditation practice, and yoga practice with love, energy, compassion and kindness.

Basically tons of fruit and tons of leafy greens and some seeds, nuts, seaweeds, “superfoods”,  and sprouts.


What do you think?

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