Who am I?

My name is Jamie, I live in Texas, south of Houston. Mid-twenties, married with pets. I’ve got words to say, things to share.

Things that make me glow:
Books/Reading – cookbooks, children’s books, fiction, graphic novels, non-fiction, art, photography
Going barefoot
Performing – Singing, Acting, Speaking
Eating colorful foods
Poetry (Writing and Reading)
Laughter & being silly
Pets and Animals
Deep and unusual conversations

I have re-invented myself physically, mentally, emotionally.  I will soon write a detailed account of my health journey thus far. Until then, here’s a draft: I started by researching and filling my mind with as much information as I could. I read dozens of books and hundreds of websites. I learned how the body works and what it does with certain foods. I figured out the human body doesn’t know how to digest grains, especially wheat. I also slowly started giving up the foods that made me feel tired, sluggish, sick and crampy. I questioned our dependency on animals as food, and slowly stopped eating their meat and milk.  I learned what foods serve the body well, what foods make it function easily and optimally. Then I began to eat as much of those foods as I could. Turns out the body loves fruits and vegetables and lots of them. I was afraid of fruit because of what we had all heard about sugar and fructose. I started to question those beliefs and trusted nature. I’m glad I did. I consistently started losing weight. Lots of it. Over the span of 1.5 years I lost 100 lbs. Yes, ONE HUNDRED. With little to no exercise. Seriously. I didn’t have a set weight or clothing size goal. I just wanted to feel healthy and not sick and overweight. I figured out a golden nugget of life:

FOOD MATTERS. You really are what you eat.

I’m into eating food, in abundance and to my hearts (err, stomachs) content. I eat tons of  fruit, and lots of greens and veggies. I consume a small portion of nuts and seeds. I eat grain free as best I can. I also avoid: wheat (grain), corn (another grain that people tend to call a vegetable), soy, dairy, meat, beans and legumes. Sounds restrictive to some. It’s not I promise!! Reference above where I said the word “abundance”. I’ve GAINED so much more than I’ve lost. And I lost a hundred pounds, bad habits and damaging perspectives.

During and after these diet changes I experienced symptoms of detoxification. My body and mind was and still is releasing toxins, old wounds, out-dated emotions. This can happen and it was tough but I am SO thankful certain things were brought up to the surface and released. They do not serve me anymore I don’t wish to carry old crap around when I’m trying to realize the joyful, loving person I know that I am.

I believe there are many facets of life that make up a healthy, whole life besides what we put in our mouths. Some of these include: moving our bodies, meditation, yoga, stretching, fresh air, being in nature (feet upon earth, skin under the sun, hands in the dirt), healthy relationships, peace in our hearts, skin contact, having FUN, laughter, new knowledge, open minds, open hearts, and LOVE.

There. Now that we’ve gotten to know each other…wait, I don’t know anything about you. Why don’t we change that, you can let me know a little bit about yourself if you’d like through the comments in any of my posts. I’d love to know what you think and what makes you tic.



    1. This is a very common question and I plan on answering the “protein” question thoroughly in a post soon! Thanks for the question, Lily!

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