Dewy and sunny silence, after the rain.

The time has come for this blog to be born. Like an accelerated sequence of photos revealing a blooming flower. Bursting from the seams, overflowing with beautiful dreams and colorful ideas; this blog comes to fruition. The sun  greets the dew dropped petals. I stretch as I feel the joints loosen in my wings and legs. This is the part where I takes off to fly. This is the chapter where I soars through the sky. Come and fly with me. It’s a quiet morning among the raindrops and thunder.


What lies ahead for this picnic of nature, beauty and life?

  • Creative writings and Poetry
  • Recipes
    • Juices, Smoothies, Salads, Entrees, Desserts, Dressings, Sauces, Snacks, Kid-Friendly, Party-Friendly, Family-Friendly
    • Mostly Raw and ALWAYS: Vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free, meat-free, corn-free
    • For kids, grown-ups, older folk, single folk, family folk, any folk
    • Transitional foods, recipes and cooked recipes
  • Words of Inspiration
  • Facts and profiles of seasonal produce
  • Artful and Colorful photographic depictions
  • Stories of Transformation
  • Tips for successful-healthful living
  • Encouragement for living towards our full potential
  • Plant-based, Earth-based living tips
  • Artful creations & writings to inspire and nurture
  • Ideas for healthy, holistic living on a budget
  • Recommendations for Books, Cookbooks, Movies/Documentaries
  • Nutritional discoveries and facts
  • Boisterous, luscious LAUGHTER!
  • Stay tuned if you are looking forward to any of this…

I’m excited! Let’s get started, shall we?!